On September 22nd, 1972, Matthew Stuart Busch was born to Frederick and Peggy Busch in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The family would soon relocate to the metro Detroit area, where Matt would spend the rest of his adolescent years, soon joined by siblings Delena, Ian, and Jessica.

As it was with most kids of his generation, STAR WARS expanded Matt's creative horizons. Matt's interest in playing with Matchbox cars and airplanes was replaced with landspeeders and X-Wing Fighters. Little did the starry-eyed tike know how involved his life would become with that Galaxy far, far away...

In fact, with the help of STAR WARS, Matt's first lesson in making his dreams come true happened at an early age...

In Kindergarten, Matt was excited to see that the STAR WARS pop-up-book was being offered through his school's Scholastic book order program. He rushed home after school that day to show his mother. However, Matt was disappointed to find that she would not order the book for him since he hadn't read any of the previous books she had ordered.

Yet, instead of holding his breath until turning blue, Matt marched up to his room and pulled out some magic markers and construction paper. He began to create his own STAR WARS pop-up-book! While the drawing wasn't particularly special for a four-year-old, the construction of the book was quite impressive.

In fact, Matt's mother was so impressed, that she secretly ordered the real pop-up-book for Matt. You can imagine how surprised and ecstatic he was to get the book in school when the orders came in.

This rewarding experience taught Matt the magic of working hard and believing in yourself to make your dreams happen.

Throughout his grade school years, Matt continued to create his own books, magazines, comics, and even a school STAR WARS fan club. He would make his own versions of MAD magazine, STAR WARS comics, and even PLAYBOY magazine. He also designed, wrote, and illustrated several of his own INDIANA JONES 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books!

Matt also began his foray into creator-owned concepts, as he made his own books such as Captain Stargo and Zany Zappies.

In junior high school, Matt began to venture into self-publishing, creating parodies of PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE, titled PLAYBIRD and PENTMOUSE, respectively. He would xerox the pages to create multiple copies of the zines and sell them at school to make a small profit. They became such a hit that even his teachers were buying them!

It was then that Matt began to pursue his interest in music. He had been classically trained on the piano since the age of four, but hadn't taken it seriously until now. He also studied drums and percussion, and eventually taught himself how to play the guitar.

Matt began to compete internationally in both piano and keyboards, and at 14, won the American Guild of Music's Age Championship for North America. Matt had also joined a band in high school that would eventually evolve into one of Detroit's hottest bands, PASSION.

As a teen, Matt took on yet another hobby: film making. Tinkering with his folk's video camera, he would call upon his buddies to help him make ninja movies, like Silent Assassins of the Night, and its sequel...

However, in the summer of 1988, while visiting relatives in New Mexico, Matt was almost killed in a freak accident. Trying to sneak onto a movie set where TWINS (starring Arnold Shwartzenneger and Danny Devito) was filming, Matt fell 30 feet into Bayo Canyon (which branches off of the Grand Canyon). He was hospitalized several times for various surgeries, but it was a miracle that he survived at all...

Unfortunately, unlike episodes of The Brady Bunch and Different Strokes, the future California Governor did not visit Matt in the hospital.

A year later, Matt embarked on what would be his biggest project to date: writing, directing, and co-starring in his own 25 minute action film, QUICK SAND.

Quite a leap from the ninja movies he had made before, QUICK SAND would be filmed 'on location' at sand dunes in Silver Lake, Michigan, and incorporate numerous off-road vehicles. The film featured the band members of PASSION as the main characters, and they even did their own stunts! (Of course, the film would feature a soundtrack from the band!) With intense editing, post-production on the film lasted a whole year! (This short film will be a special feature on the upcoming FANTASTIC VISIONS: The Art of Matt Busch DVD - Volume Two.)

Throughout high school, Matt pursued his love for art, writing, film making, and music, but could not pin down which he would want to choose as a career. Dipping his hands into almost every creative outlet there is, he considered himself the 'Jack of all trades, master of none'...

Upon graduating high school, Matt attended Macomb Community College, taking simple art classes. He considered this a back-up, however, as PASSION began to gain success, therefore focusing on music.

With the release of PASSION'S EP, "Passion Statement", Matt incorporated his love of film making by editing several videos for the band. This led to directing a one hour special on the band that would by syndicated in heavy rotation on a local cable station. (An edited version of this will be available on the new FV DVD- Volume Two.) While primarily popular in Detroit, a live, acoustic version of a song Matt had written, "Face the Night Alone", was played on the radio nationally.

Like any band, the breakup was inevitable. And Matt found the music business to be discouraging as a whole. A year later, he switched his focus back to visual art, and entered Macomb's Graphic and Commercial Art program.

While studying graphic design and illustration, Matt began to draw creator-owned comics again, such as ZARK, ACROMAN, and DEATH GATE. He would make xeroxed copies of his books and sell them to a dozen local comic book stores. Matt's schedule was hectic: going to school full-time, working at Pizza Magic full-time, and then illustrating his comic books into the wee hours of the night.

Managing to get a new issue out every month, the time Matt was putting into his art began to pay off. At the very least, he was making enough money to print the next issue and keep circulation going.

Artistically, Busch felt he was getting good at black and white illustration, though color was a nightmare for him. This all would change when learning a valuable lesson from one of his teachers, George Hriczik.

George had given out a new assignment for his rendering class: to illustrate a gold object, painting it in gouache. While Matt knew he couldn't paint, he was somewhat excited, as he chose See-Threepio as his gold object, and drew it out very nicely on the board.

When it came time to paint, Matt had ventured to several stores, trying to find 'gold' gouache paint. Unsuccessful, he came to class and explained his situation to George. It was then that George pulled Matt aside to show him how to use color. Examining the reference photo of Threepio, he pointed out that gold was just a combination of colors and values, placed accordingly to give the reflective illusion. For example, George pointed out specifically that the highlights were pure white, and the shadows were burnt sienna, Matt's understanding of color had finally opened.

And did it open... Matt's hand painted Threepio has gone on to be one of his most impressive pieces among fans, and is a favorite of Anthony Daniels, the actor who plays See Threepio in the STAR WARS films.

Mastering photorealistic painting quickly, Matt soon found himself searching for a style, something that would bring more life to his work than just making it look 'photographic'.

It was at this time that Matt became intrigued with the 'Mysteries of the Unknown'. Ghosts... Witchcraft... E.S.P.... Psychokenesis... While not specifically immersing himself in any particular paranormal field, he was interested in the unexplained as a whole.

Matt began to host gatherings that he called "Mysteries of the Unknown parties". He would invite guests from all walks of unexplained phenomenon, like psychics, witches, fortune tellers. The experiments had very interesting results, and the creepy experiences would lay the ground work for future projects: a comic book he would later write and illustrate, called ALIZARIN'S JOURNAL, and an independent film he would write, direct, and star in titled CONJURE.

Matt was lucky enough to live in an eclectic household that embraced his ambitions and projects, even though they kept changing. Matt's parents encouraged him to explore and express his creativity with every avenue he wanted to pursue.

In 1993, Matt Busch won an award from the Library of Congress for his copyright achievements and had graduated from Macomb with an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Commercial Art.

Tired of industrial Detroit, Busch was in need of a new atmosphere. Having been accepted to the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, he decided to pack up his belongings and head for the West coast to pursue his dreams.

At Art Center and the Los Angeles Art Academy, Matt studied Illustration, Film, and Entertainment Design.

Geographically, Matt loved the creative environment in California, finding inspiration in the mountains and Pacific shores. While he also enjoyed the creative energy of the 'entertainment capital of the world', he found Hollywood egos and attitudes less than inspiring.

Within a month of moving to Los Angeles, Busch was commissioned for his first major professional jobs: illustrating two film posters and video box covers for the B-Movies CALIFORNIA FEVER and The WHITE MONK.

Soon after, Matt began work on his first official STAR WARS project, illustrating a short story for the STAR WARS ADVENTURE JOURNAL for West End Games. This would evolve into dozens of STAR WARS projects for West End, illustrating books, trading cards, and other supplements for the STAR WARS Role-playing Game. He even ended up a contributing writer on the book STAR WARS: Heroes and Rogues.

Also during his enrollment at Art Center, Busch began to build his career as a freelance illustrator. He served as a regular illustrator and cartoonist for HOCKEY PLAYER MAGAZINE, and illustrated many cards for the LEGENDS of the FIVE RINGS collectable card game series. He also illustrated the book covers for Deadly Nightshade and Illegal Justice paperbacks.

Upon Graduating from Art Center in 1996, Busch began to work on production designs and advetising campaigns for many major motion pictures, such as CON AIR, The DEVIL'S OWN, and HARD RAIN. His versatility let him work on all aspects of film illustration, from character designs, to production paintings, to storyboards, to movie poster design...

He also worked with L.L. Cool J to design the opening credits for the television sitcom IN THE HOUSE. Other television shows Busch has worked on include COSBY, The KEENAN IVORY WAYANS SHOW, MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN, MARTIN, MELROSE PLACE, MILLENNIUM, MURPHY BROWN, NASH BRIDGES, and NEW YORK UNDERCOVER, among others.

At this point, Matt had been discussing a collaboration with Rikki Rockett, the drummer of the multi-platinum rock band POISON. Rikki had already founded NO MERCY Comics and OLD GHOSTS designer clothing.

The two finally began putting together what would be Matt's first official comic book project, COVEN 13. The book, which was written and created by Rikki, was fully-painted by Matt. The book also featured ESPN Fitness Beach Host / PLAYBOY Supermodel LeeAnn Tweeden, now known as the host of THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW on FOX.

Currently, COVEN 13 is in development for a major motion picture. Also, Matt's professional circle with Rikki Rockett has connected again, as he's designed and illustrated several concert T-Shirts for POISON.

During this time, Busch designed early production paintings for STAR WARS: EPISODE I toys for Mattel, including the 12" young Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure. Unfortunately, soon after, Mattel lost the license to Hasbro.

Busch continued to work on many films in 1997, including poster designs for HOME ALONE 3 and production / character design for The MATRIX and SORCERER.

Based on an earlier movie proposal of Busch's, he began his comic serial DARIA JONTAK, which was featured as an ongoing series in several major magazines. The adventures were set in the ZARK universe he had created so many years before.

Dipping his hand into another passion, writing, Matt wrote his first screenplay, a romantic comedy titled DIAMOND JOE'S. The script has received rave reviews and is currently circulating Hollywood.

Labeling himself an 'entertainment illustrator', Busch continued to expand the avenues of his field. He designed concepts for a new ride at Disneyland, and created the K-SWISS KIDS for K-Swiss shoes.

Matt's career of doing official STAR WARS work began to leapfrog, as he illustrated the cover of the book STAR WARS: Tales from the Empire for Bantam Doubleday Dell.

The highlight of the year was when the book was released. Cardboard standees featuring Busch's cover art of Boba Fett were in bookstores everywhere, and the book hit the New York Times bestseller list!

Despite the success, Matt was getting restless. He wanted to continue his involvement in Hollywood, without having to actually live there...

In 1998, Busch made the decision to move back across the country, setting up his new company, Planetmatt Entertainment, in his home town of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Having most of his contacts from living in Los Angeles, current technology let Busch stay on the 'inside' through fax, Fed Ex and Email.

Once set up on the East side, Matt began to write and illustrate his fully-painted graphic novel, ALIZARIN'S JOURNAL. Inspired from the mysterious gatherings he hosted years before, the book was originally called The SENTINEL. The book also features model Melissa Leshan as the book's main character, Alizarin McKinnely.

Critically acclaimed, a deluxe version of the mini-series will be released through a new publisher next year.

Busch returned to Macomb Community College, this time on the other side of the desk, giving a guest lecture to over one hundred students. The response was amazing, and the rewarding feeling of making a difference with students encouraged Matt to pursue teaching at the college level. (Little did Busch know he would later become a professor of the Media and Communication Arts Department at Macomb!)

Months later, he began teaching Advanced Illustration Techniques at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Busch also began to work on his most personally involved project to date, an illustrated screenplay entitled CRISIS. Intense research for the project has included reading several books, visiting police departments, sheriff departments, touring jail facilities, and even spending two weeks in a wheelchair!

Later published through Busch's own Planetmatt Entertainment, the book circulated Hollywood in hopes of becoming a feature film. Currently, CRISIS is in development as a major motion picture with a studio and actor attached- however, details are tight-lipped...

At Ted Nugent's 50th Birthday Bash, held at the State Theater in Detroit, Busch presented Nugent with a painting on stage, and delivered a speech. Busch was among several celebrities, including the Governor, who got to roast the "whack 'em and stack 'em" motor city madman.

In January of this 1999, Busch's teaching credentials tripled. He began to teach Image Making at the Center for Creative Studies - College of Art and Design as well as continuing on instructing at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

He also taught Sequential Art Storytelling and Book Production classes, and did several Advanced Airbrush Illustration seminars for the Du All Enrichment Program.

Busch continued to work on major motion pictures from his studio in Detroit. He is currently working on the films G-MEN, DEAD SPY GUY and NATHAN NEVER.

In January of 2000, the first official web site for Matt Busch was released, MattBusch.com. Busch had met designer Paul Michael Kane years before though fandom circles and industry conventions. Together, they produced a 5-Star Rated web site, quite possibly the most comprehensive on ever for an artist.

While Lucasfilm has proclaimed him an "official STAR WARS artist", Busch has recently done loads of STAR WARS material. He designed three triptych one-sheet movie poster concepts for the Canadian theatrical release of STAR WARS -EPISODE I: The Phantom Menace, provided numerous illustrations for books and magazines for EPISODE II: Attack of the Clones, and is already illustrating pieces in conjunction with EPISODE III: Revenge of the Sith.

As his work becomes more demanding in the industry, Busch has found that many Hollywood celebrities collect his work. Recently at Bucknell University, Danny Glover was overjoyed to have an original Matt Busch illustration of his likeness presented to him.

Matt Busch has also found a new nitch to cover in the entertainment industry... Music art! In the last year alone, Matt has provided art for such mainstream musical artists as ALICE COOPER, BEASTIE BOYS, BECK, GARBAGE, JESSICA SIMPSON, KID ROCK, POISON and the FOO FIGHTERS, as well as local Detroit acts such as INNERCORSE, MINDCANDY and 60 SECOND CRUSH.

Another recent labor of love for Matt has been taking his critically acclaimed comic book, ALIZARIN'S JOURNAL, and developing it as a syndicated television series. While not immersed in painting, this encourages Matt's passion for writing, as he drafts potential episodes together.

Busch has been working with digital animator Shawn Sheehan for two years on a top secret project, and prepartions are already underway for Matt's first independent feature film.

Though it all, Matt's work load is always consistent, as his artwork can be regularly found in the STAR WARS INSIDER. One of the more recent projects for the magazine was to put together and illustrate the official STAR WARS ROAD MAP, which details over 30 STAR WARS landmarks and locations where the films were shot in the United States.

At 33, Matt Busch has come a long way from creating STAR WARS Pop-Up-Books in Kindergarten. His career has come full circle as he teaches children all over the world how to draw those wild characters from the galaxy far, far away by writing and illustrating the on going series 'HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS' for STAR WARS Kids Magazine.

After accomplishing so much with pop culture in the visual arts, what can we expect to see from Matt in the coming years? Aside from more writing, and creator-owned projects, he's getting behind the camera and pursuing his love for moving pictures.

In 2003, Busch released his first feature length DVD full of animations and video shorts, FANTASTIC VISIONS. Some of these mini-movies have made their way Online, making Busch on of the Top 75 Most-Viewed Directors on YouTube.

In 2006, Busch produced his first independent movie, CONJURE, a film he wrote, directed, starred in, and even composed music for. The movie was distributed in North America through every chain and source imaginable- from BLOCKBUSTER to NETFLIX to TARGET. Not bad for a movie that started off as an experimental film Busch figured he'd release only here at MattBusch.com.

Financing the entire movie himself, the unique film was met with critical acclaim and shattered records- becoming "The Highest PreSelling Movie of All Time" according to HorrorMovies.com. The movie was later released world-wide under the title DARK MANIFESTATION.

Later that year, Busch's first full color art book, "PUCKER: The Seductive Art of Matt Busch" was published by SQP Publishing. It was a follow up to the first hardcover collection of his work, "FANTASTIC VISIONS: The Art of Matt Busch" was Published by Avatar Press, and included an Introduction by POISON's Rikki Rockett.

The new hardcover collection titled, PUCKER, showcased Busch's expertise with the female form, collecting his glamour, good girl, and pin-up art throughout his career. The book also featured an Introduction by another hard rock drummer and friend of Busch's- SYSTEM OF A DOWN's John Dolmayan.

In 2007, the book YOU CAN DRAW STAR WARS was released by DK Publishing, which Busch illustrated nearly 400 drawings and paintings for. Acclaimed by fans, pros, and students the world over, the book went on to become a New York Times BestSeller.

In promoting the book, this gave Busch the opportunity to create a series of entertaining tutorials, HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS. These cutting edge videos let Busch use his humor and unique storytelling skills to educate aspiring artists everywhere, with material not cover in the book.

First released as a series on both DK.com and StarWars.com, all seven episodes chronicled the creation of a 30th Anniversary STAR WARS poster. From the initial idea and concept sketch, to the final brush stroke, no step was left unturned.

These episodes were also a great learning curve in Busch's experience as a filmmaker. Not only did each episode cover a different aspect of creating the illustration, but each episode also had a unique theme, and a story within the overall tutorial arc. There was even an episode where Busch parodied (and payed homage to) the legendary Bob Ross, complete with a "Happy little interrogation Droid."

Later the first series of HOW TO DRAW STAR WARS was collected on a limited edition DVD, and premiered at the STAR WARS CELEBRATION IV show in Los Angeles. They were also distributed as a rare giveaway at many of the book signings and drawing workshops Busch attended, worldwide.

Ultimately, these videos topped the charts at MySpace.com, for a time making these the NUMBER ONE MOST VIEWED VIDEO ON MYSPACE.COM, twice! Each of the seven videos also went to number one in at least one category during the first day of it's release.

As a result, MySpace.com has since partnered with Busch, making him one of the featured channels on MySpaceTV. Busch is currently releasing SEASON 2 of the STAR WARS tutorials, exclusively for MySpace and continuing to shatter records.

2007 was a busy STAR WARS year for Busch in general, as he illustrated 5 different official posters, including the REVENGE OF THE SITH Style D One Sheet movie poster. This piece was designed as a bookend to the original 1978 poster for STAR WARS, which has become a favorite among fans and even George Lucas himself.

Matt Busch found success as a published writer early on, writing articles for such magazines as ART SCENE INTERNATIONAL, STAR WARS KIDS, ACTION FIGURE DIGEST, FIRE AND ICE, HUSTLER COMIX, and AIR-BRUSH ACTION. Busch has also been a contributing writer on such books as REVENGE: The Real Life Story of STAR WARS, HOW TO WRITE AND ILLUSTRATE THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, HOW TO DRAW + SELL COMIC STRIPS, LEGENDS: The Art of Painted Comics, and STAR WARS: Heroes and Rogues.

Continuing his love of the written word, Busch is actively working on new graphic novels and screenplays. One script in particular, THE TAURUS FACTOR, is currently in development with Producer Don Murphy (TRANSFORMERS, NATURAL BORN KILLERS).

Never one to stay too far away from illustration, Busch also continued to work on properties like LOST, 24, LORD OF THE RINGS, HEROES, and INDIANA JONES. He also worked kept to his comic book roots by adding his touch on titles such at NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, SPIKE, Gene Simmon's HOUSE OF HORRORS, and AFTERBURN.

Back to the filmmaking front, Busch is planning his magnum opus film, a huge sci-fi epic entitled KLEPTOMODE. Busch is in also in the editing stages of his next DVD, an as-of-yet untitled documentary- a follow up of sorts to the 2003 DVD, Fantastic Visions. Busch toted a film crew for an entire year to record his adventures traveling the world to do shows, as well as his adventures at home working as the notorious "Rock Star of Illustration."

In 2008, Hermes Press released the quintessential art book of Busch's work. Twice as big as PUCKER, this new lavish collection titled THE WORLDS OF MATT BUSCH featured all his genre art from STAR WARS to MOTLEY CRUE and everything in between.

In 2009, Busch made waves recreating all 6 STAR WARS movie posters with the zombie treatment- a clever viral marketing campaign for Lucasfilm releasing the first STAR WARS horror novel, Death Troopers. The posters became a huge hit, with exposure reaching as far as G4TV and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Busch also recently became the official spokesperson for a product called KONXARI CARDS, a card divination process that enables one to communicate with those on the other side. While Busch is not one to preach any kind of beliefs on anyone, his interest in the supernatural and experience with professional ghost hunting led him to working with the IRM Foundation to create several videos for them. Described as a cross between Tarot Cards and a Ouija Board, the Konxari cards are easy to use and you'll find more on them at Konxari.com.

The latest chapter in Busch's career has been an expansion of the STAR WARS zombie posters to now include dozens of cinema properties. Under the banner HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD, Busch now creates parody posters for all of the Box Office Cadavers of yesteryear, including Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and James Bond. See all the undead fun at www.Hollywood-Is-Dead.com!

Matt Busch... "Providing Junk Food to the Art World since 1972."

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