Monday, June 20th, 2016

News on this site has been sporadic as of late, as Matt Busch is knee-deep directing the live-action ALADDIN 3477 movie. However, as Matt is the only artist to have exhibited at every single STAR WARS CELEBRATION, he certainly won't be missing the event happening in London next month!

With that brings a brand new vivid art print illustrated by Matt, exclusive to the show. The brand new REY'S VISION limited edition Art Print is available for PreSale right HERE, right now!

Inspired by the awesome dream-like sequence when Rey first touches the Skywalker lightsaber in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! Artist Matt Busch has captured Rey's eerie visions of past, present and future, all collected into an evocative montage!

The limited edition print is 12" x 36", a unique size that is large without taking up too much horizontal wall space- perfect for those in-between wall spaces and nooks. It's also a common frame size you can find at any Wal*Mart or Target. Even easier, try Amazon to see their excellent selection of 12" x 36" frames. This would look fantastic in a living room or den!

The print is limited to only 250- all of which will be signed and numbered by Matt Busch. Only 200 will be available for PreSale, leaving at least 50 (if not more) available for attendees at the show. All prints will be rolled in plastic, which protects it well from bumps and dings.

Attendees who purchase the print (during the PreSale or at the show) will get to choose their Limited Edition Number based on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions. You want a specific number, make sure you get to Matt Busch and Lin Zy's quick: Booth N526 (Near the Celebration Show Store!)

As well- there will be an opportunity to have your print remarqued. This means you can have Matt Busch personally draw you an additional small sketch of Kylo Ren (or any character you want!) in the left box area at the bottom of the print! (The box on the right is for signature and limited number.) Matt normally does not take commissions, so the chance to have your own original sketch from him is super rare!

PreSale ends July 1st at Noon PDT, so order HERE before it's too late!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Notorious music artist Klayton of Celldweller has a new episode of CELLEVISION where he takes a tour of Matt Busch and Lin Zy's home studios! In this episode (Part 1 of the tour) you get some sneak peaks at some of the projects Matt and Lin Zy are currently working on!

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Back by popular demand from his appearance at last year's Star Wars Celebration Europe II held in Essen, Germany, Matt Busch and his wife, Star Wars Artist Lin Zy, will be returning to Jedi-Con in Düsseldorf, Germany as Special Guests this October!

You can find out information on it here:

In English: http://www.jedi-con.de/starwars-en/gaeste/artist_busch-matt.php

In German: http://www.jedi-con.de/starwars/gaeste/artist_busch-matt.php

Of course interest in Star Wars is at an all-time high with J.J. Abram's Episode 7 filming this summer! Matt and Lin Zy will have new art exclusive for the show!

With Matt's own highly anticipated movie, ALADDIN 3477 (www.Aladdin3477.com) also filming this summer, Matt hopes to give fans in Germany a first-look at some finished footage of the film! To keep up-to-date on the Aladdin 3477 movie, be sure to like the Facebook Page. Due to filming the movie this summer, Jedi-Con in Germany will be Matt's first and only appearance in 2014.

And speaking of Matt Busch in Germany, did you know that he has an official German website that has been running for over 10 years? Be sure to check out www.MattBusch.de , as there will be some exclusive tidbits there as well.

See you in Düsseldorf!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

It was just announced that Topps, Inc. and HighBridge Audio and teaming up to re-release the original STAR WARS RADIO DRAMA with tons of new features and content. And Matt Busch is one of many people working behind the scenes to make this release special!

Firstly, the Original Radio Drama from A New Hope will be released on November 6th on Mp3 CD. It features a LightSide Edition cover illustrated by Matt Busch and a DarkSide Edition cover illustrated by fellow Star Wars artist Randy Martinez. Each CD comes packaged with a limited edition Topps trading card featuring the art on the respective CD cover.

The Radio Drama is 7+ hours of story, ripe with additional and extended scenes that go way beyond what you saw in the first Star Wars movie. Plus, this edition has new audio content that goes behind the scenes. Order your limited edition copy HERE!

If that wasn't enough, next month Topps is also releasing a brand new Trading card series called STAR WARS ILLUSTRATED, based on the audible material from A New Hope's Radio Drama! Imagine- all of the bonus and extended scenes which were previously exclusive to the Radio Drama will now be brought to life visually through the cards. And guess what? Matt Busch has illustrated nearly 3 dozen of them!

For most of these cards, Topps has come up with a new idea to keep all the cards among different artists have a consistent look. Topps has teamed up with Comic Book coloring masters HI FI COLOR to color all of the line art produced by the artists, including Matt Busch. The end result is fantastic, and it keeps a great consistensy as you go through all of the story-driven cards.

Busch also took part in this series' sketch cards, which this time feature double-sized panoramic style cards that open like a book! Twice the canvas for truly vivid one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Busch produced nearly 60 of these, which lucky fans will find randomly in their trading card packs.

Busch also has another fully-painted STAR WARS ILLUSTRATED trading card that will be bagged exclusively in the next issue of STAR WARS INSIDER MAGAZINE! Expect that to hit news stands and mailboxes in a few weeks.

The STAR WARS ILLUSTRATED Trading Cards are expected to be released at some point in November... More soon!

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

The PreSale for Matt Busch's STAR WARS Celebration Europe II Limited Edition Art Print is ONLY available here in the Online Store! Get one while you can right here!

The title of the piece is "Leuchtende Wesen Sind Wir" which translates in German as Yoda's profound statement "Luminous Beings Are We." The art is stunning and quite a departure from Busch's movie poster style and focus of all things Dark Side. Matt Busch comments, "I wanted to do something artsy and evocative for a change. And while I love illustrating the bad guys, was anxious to paint something positive- showing that the good in us all ultimately prevails!"

The limited edition print is 12" x 36", a unique size that is large without taking up too much horizontal wall space- perfect for those in-between wall spaces and nooks. It's also a common frame size you can find at any Wal*Mart or Target.

The print is limited to only 250- all of which are signed and numbered by Matt Busch. The price is 25 EUR, which equals $32.34 USD.

There will also be an opportunity for you to have your print remarqued in person at the SWCEII show for an additional cost. What this means is you can have Matt Busch personally draw you an additional sketch of Yoda in the left box area at the bottom of the print. (The box on the right is for the signature and limited number.) The cost of having your print remarqued will be for an additional 15 EUR (about $20 USD), payable at the show.

Ordering here secures you locking in a print, which you can pick up at the STAR WARS Celebration Europe II show, running July 26th - 28th in Messe Essen, Germany. For more information, check out www.StarWarsCelebration.eu.

This Art Print will be available for Pre-Order up until July 19th, or while supplies last. Hurry before they're gone!

September 12th, 2012

Artist Matt Busch has produced a limited edition poster that was given away for free at the Star Wars Celebration VI show in Orlando, Florida. Authorized by Lucasfilm, the poster commemorates the 20th anniversary of Dark Horse's comic book / graphic novel series, Dark Empire.

"My favorite storyline in the Star Wars saga is Dark Empire." Busch elaborates, "I love the idea that Luke is tormented with needing to know why his father turned to the Dark Side. That series really inspired me as a young adult and lit the fire under my bum to really go after my dreams. So this poster is really a tribute, both as a fan and a professional."

Copies of the poster were given away free each day to the first 50 attendees at Busch's exhibitor booth. The poster measures 24" x 36" (movie poster size) and was printed courtesy of Busch. "This is really my way of saying thank you to all the fans and friends who have been supportive of my career."

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Matt Busch's wife, Artist/Designer Lin Zy, has created an animated mash-up parody titled Power of the Force Girls. Matt has also been involved with some of the art and animation. The trailer/opening credits can be seen here, while the full first episode will debut later this week at the Star Wars Celebration show taking place in Orlando, Florida.

Lin Zy writes the episodes, hand-draws every shot of the girls, digitally colors everything, and has a hand in editing the animation and music. Matt Busch lends a hand painting backgrounds, drawing some of the villains and editing. Other pros have risen to help make the cartoon top notch, including sound design by the legendary Ric Viers, and several character voices by voice actor Aaron Golematis.

The first episode, "Introductory Off Her", world-premieres at the Star Wars Celebration VI, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida August 23rd through the 26th.

Monday, July 30th, 2012

For the first time ever, notorious Online art dealer, StealThisArt.com, is offering an exclusive Hollywood-is-Dead art print! Illustrated by Matt Busch (with logo designs by Paul Michael Kane), as if you were expecting someone else, this zombified movie poster returns to the gruesome galaxy with ZOMBIE WARS: The Corpse Wars!

In the midst of intergalactic turmoil, an infectious virus has overcome alien worlds, leaving everyone for dead- only to rise again! Zombies, alien zombies, and even clones of zombies... What more could you want from this undead spin on the sacred saga?

13" x 19" Giclee on Matte Velvet Art Paper

This is a rare opportunity you need to jump on fast! These will only be offered at StealThisArt.com today, and there will only be 100 copies printed!

Go and steal this incredible Hollywood-is-Dead box office cadaver now!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

In this 4-part series finale, artist Matt Busch breaks conventional art tutorial videos one last time with a chapter that's produced almost entirely with puppets! Directed by fellow Star Wars artist (and Matt's wife) Lin Zy, the Matt Puppet travels to Dagobah to learn how to be a Jedi-like artist from the ultimate puppet master,Yoda. Other puppet cameos include Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and the triumphant return of Bob Ross.

Of course, the ride is never just fun and games. These epic segments cover areas most art educators never dare to go: How to break into the professional world and work for industry giants like Lucasfilm. Complete with exclusive interviews from veteran Star Wars artists like Russell Walks, Randy Martinez and Spencer Brinkerhoff, these videos are the must-know insiders' guide to taking that first step into a larger world.

In Part 2 of the series finale, fellow Star Wars artists join Matt in giving secrets to becoming an artist and building a portfolio. The segment also finds Matt Puppet training with Yoda amongst other puppet cameos including Grover, Han Solo, and Cookie Monster! Plus- see what happens to Matt Puppet when he comes face to face with Darth Vader!

Part 3 focuses on showing your work, networking at conventions, marketing yourself, and building a brand name. While Matt Puppet trains to be a Jedi-like artist, Yoda convinces him that digital art is just another useful tool like any other, but that what really makes an artist shine is the foundation of drawing and the fundamentals of design.

In the final segment of the series finale, Matt Busch completes his journey as fellow Star Wars artists give incredible words of wisdom for breaking into the industry.

From Matt: "This concludes the third and final season of How to Draw Star Wars videos. It's been an incredible six years, and I hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have. And, just because I say this is the last How to Draw Star Wars episode... I should never say never, right? In the mean time, keep at it, stay persistent, and by all means, make sure you're having fun!"

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Years in the making, Matt Busch is about to unveil the series finale of the How To Draw Star Wars video tutorials. Going out with a bang, this triple-sized installment titled "Episode 22: Break into the Biz!" promises to give aspiring artists insight on getting work with industry giants like Lucasfilm. Always entertaining with typical Busch mayhem, the pearls of wisdom this time around will be done with all puppets!

Busch began filming episodes for the series in 2006 as a promotional vehicle for the book You Can Draw Star Wars from DK Publishing. Written by Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton and co-illustrated with Tom Hodges, the Bestseller eventually became DK's top selling Star Wars book of all time. The promotional video series debuted on StarWars.com and DK.com, but also shattered records on social networks like YouTube and MySpace TV. The first 2 seasons of videos were also collected onto limited edition DVDs.

The popularity of these videos can be attributed not only to the vast educational material, but Busch's fast-paced visual presentation, sprinkled with comedic skits. Busch comments, "I love watching artists' demos and video tutorials, but they can often be boring. Drawing is supposed to be fun, so I try to keep that magic in my videos." Examples of Busch's past antics include: a parody of VH-1's Behind the Music, dressing as Indiana Jones, models fighting in Slave Leia costumes, and teaching to draw anime in Japanese (with English subtitiles). The most popular episode to date features Busch donning an afro wig to impersonate Bob Ross with "Happy little interrogation droids."

In the upcoming series finale, Busch plans to outdo them all with an episode filmed almost entirely with puppets! Hand-crafted by Busch's wife Lin Zy (who is also a licensed Star Wars artist), the scenes find Matt Puppet on Dagobah training with Yoda to be a Jedi-like artist. Puppet cameos include Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Sesame Street characters, and even the triumphant return of Bob Ross. However, the episodes are never just fun and games. "Break into the Biz!" also vows to give the inside scoop on how to build a portfolio, network with big shots, and make your dream career a reality. It also features exclusive interviews with veteran Star Wars artists like Russell Walks, Randy Martinez, and Spencer Brinkerhoff.

The final episode of How To Draw Star Wars right here at MattBusch.com and his YouTube channel on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012. "It's kind of emotional and bitter-sweet." comments Busch. "I can't begin to describe the amount of work put into these videos over the last six years. I set out with a master plan to do three full seasons and completed exactly that. The entire series captures a pretty thorough education for aspiring artists, so I feel my work is done." Closing this chapter in Busch's career is also paving the way for his next big thing, which he's currently tight lipped on. One thing's for sure, the Force will be with him. Always.

To see the all previous 21 episodes of How To Draw Star Wars, visit Busch's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/mattbusch. Once there, be sure to click the Subscribe button so you can be alerted with Busch's future videos!

August 11th, 2011

It's been over a years since the last You Can Draw Star Wars video was released. To make up for the brief hiatus, artist Matt Busch invites you into his home for a double-sized episode, answering your emails with behind-the-scenes tutorials, custom built for you!

This episode covers a wide range of topics, from drawing LEGO Star Wars sketch card puzzles, to airbrushing, to working digitally and creating animations based off of your art. You'll also see Matt off-roading in the Vader Hummer and find out the truth about Garrindan the Kubaz...

This makes episode 20 of a now-extended series of 22 installments. The last two episodes are well into production and should be available soon. In the mean time, enjoy the new video!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Artist Matt Busch has made a huge splash in the year and a half with "Hollywood is Dead," a series of parody movie posters in which he recreates them with a zombie twist. Beginning with zombifying the 6 Star Wars movies (Zombie Wars) for StarWars.com, Busch has gone on to destroy nearly 50 cinema classics, including Breakfast at Tiffany's (Breakfast is Tiffany), Indiana Jones (Indiana Bones), and Toy Story (Toy Gory).

While the official site, www.Hollywood-is-Dead.com, has been selling graphic black and white T-shirts for a while now, the number one producer of fine horror T-shirts, Fright Rags, has licensed Busch's take on The Empire Strike Back (The Living Dead Strike Back) to create a brand new full color T!

Fun Fact: MattBusch.com designer/webmaster Paul Michael Kane created the logo for this shirt!

The shirt is as high quality as you can get! 9 color super smooth screenprint on the softest 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton. Plus- who wouldn't want to wear a T-shirt where a zombie Han is blood vomiting into zombie Leia's face?

Get your shirt right now, exclusively at Fright Rags, right HERE!

August 30th, 2010

Matt Busch's STAR WARS Celebration V limited edition print is now available exclusively HERE! Each print is hand signed and numbered by Busch, and limited to just 250 pieces. It measures 18" x 24" (standard poster frame) and it's printed on 100 lb. paper with a nice matte finish. They won't last long!

The image features all the tenacious bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back, and the tagline at the bottom reads:

Commemorating 30 Years of
No Disintegrations,
No Lightspeed
and No, I Am Your Father.

These will never be available again, so if you want one, nab it now!
You can get them at StarWarsShop.com right HERE!

July 20th, 2010

From Lucasfilm and Zazzle, a new Online Store featuring the STAR WARS art of Matt Busch has just been unveiled! Here you'll find 25 different artistic images of the 'galaxy far, far away' that Matt has illustrated, and with any given image, you can order tons of different products! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stamps, Buttons, Magnets, Mouse Pads, Key Chains, Coffee Mugs... Even clothes for your Dog!

The products you purchase through Zazzle are also customizable, so for example... If you want a T-Shirt that has one of Matt's Yoda pieces, you can customize it to say "YODA LOVES YOLANDA... FOREVER!" ...Or whatever you like.

The possibilities are endless! Check out Matt's store and get some rare, one-of-a-kind products for the STAR WARS fan in your life... Christmas is almost 5 months away, so get your Christmas Shopping done early!

Check out Matt Busch's STAR WARS Artist Series Store HERE!

March 31st, 2010

Matt Busch delivers another pulse-pounding episode- this time illustrating an epic montage poster promoting the animated television show, The Clone Wars.

Here, Busch dons the fedora one last time for the final chapter of the Indiana Jones parody, an incredible STAR WARS crossover three years in the making.

Only 2 more episodes left to complete your training! Stay tuned!

February 10th , 2010

Back by popular demand! The Kohl's exclusive Boba Fett T-Shirt, illustrated by Matt Busch is available Online once again! Hit their official site right now to nab this killer T for the SALE PRICE of only $9.99!

You can get one while they last HERE!

February 9th, 2009

Artist Matt Busch takes you behind-the-scenes at STAR WARS WEEKENDS at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Here, Matt gives some great tips for quick sketching- a skill very useful in creating:

SKETCH CARDS! This episode focuses on the custom collectibles that have taken fandom by storm, and how you can create your own sketch cards!

January 15th, 2009

STAR WARS artist Matt Busch takes you right into the heart of Tokyo, Japan, on a journey through the anime and manga underworlds! You'll learn to draw Padme Amidala anime style from several different angles.

You'll also meet some interesting folks in Japan, find out what they love about STAR WARS, visit the Sith Hotel, get tips on speaking Japanese, and see two Obi-Wans in drag duke it out!

January 12th, 2010

From the International 501st Legion of Strormtroopers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation comes The TK Project: A collection custom crated and painted TK Stormtrooper helmets from around the world. You can bet that Matt Busch is involved- in fact, he created the brochure cover logo you see here! Find out more at: http://www.501sttkproject.com.

For Busch's contribution to the collection of custom TK Helmets, his take was a no-brainer. "I was 4 years old when Star Wars first hit theaters, but prior to that, I was a huge fan of the classic Universal Monsters, with The Creature from the Black Lagoon being my favorite." Comments Busch, "So when I first saw Star Wars, of course it was like nothing anyone had ever seen, but for some reason, even at 4, I saw a visual connection between the Stormtrooper helmet and The Creature." The TK Project finally gave Busch the chance to merge the two icons with an uncanny result.

The process Busch used in putting it together involved some preproduction work. "After priming the actual TK helmet, I then used black acrylic gesso over the entire helmet, as I knew I'd be working with acrylics." says Busch. He then sprayed on a can of stone texture which he would paint over, but that still wasn't enough. Busch elaborates, "While the basic shape of the TK Helmet was enough to resemble The Creature, I knew some added fins, ribbed brow, and emphasis on the fishy lips would help." Using Liquitex Modeling Paste, Busch added those appendages to create the overall shape he desired.

"Painting The Creature was a bit of a challenge, as most of the reference available are black and white movie stills, or other artistic representations from the movie posters or licensed products. The only problem is, the colored details are never the same. In some cases, The Creature's lips are red, sometimes green, and sometimes a fishy yellow ochre." Busch made compromises and decisions along the way to try and make an amalgam of all known reference, using an opaque acrylic technique, working from dark to
light. The last step was to try and make the helmet look permanently wet, as if The Creature had just risen from the watery surface. Comments Busch, "That was the easiest. I just poured a can of acrylic gloss medium over the entire helmet and let it drip."

Now it's very clear to see the connection Busch made as a child. You may never look at a TK Helmet the same way! See more at: http://501sttkproject.blogspot.com.

November 30th, 2009

Last week, the long-awaited Slave Leia video was released, and the buzz quickly spread Online. Fans and aspiring artists welcomed Matt Busch's return to the popular series he's known for, and the antics seen in the new video didn't disappoint.

Now, exactly one week later, Busch has released the follow-up episode, quite possibly the most outlandish How To Draw video yet! Here you'll see some of Matt's great tips and techniques with painting, using an airbrush, and working with color pencils.

Of course, everyone is waiting to see the Slave Leia models duke it out in the grand finale, as the ultimate cat fight breaks onto Comic-Con's main floor! Check it out!

November 24th, 2009

The wait is over! It's been a year and a half since the last episode, but Artist Matt Busch is back is full swing with Season 3. The action begins with a 2 Part video tutorial on how to illustrate Jabba's captive princess!

In this first segment, Matt holds auditions for Slave Leia models from around the world at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. He also shows how to work with photo reference in your drawing.

Tune in next time to see Matt complete the painting, and hopefully resolve the ultimate cat-fight in Comic-Con history!

October 17th, 2009

Matt Busch's Zombie Wars poster parody concludes with Episode VI: Return from the Grave, based on the infamous 1982 advance one-sheet for Revenge of the Jedi, before the title was changed to Return of the Jedi.

All six of the posters Busch recreated tell a very different version of the saga. Here we see the final evolution of Darth Vader's zombie conquest, but we also see an alternate ending with Luke dueling Vader...one where Luke doesn't win!

"This poster may not be an epic montage like I did for the first five posters," comments Busch, "but I love the simplicity of Drew Struzan's original. It's become such an iconic vision."

Designer Paul Michael Kane comments on his logo work -- "This was the easiest of the posters for me. This totally showcases the amazing image and the type is cast as a secondary element. Sad to see this one come, as it signaled the end of the project. But what a blast it was!"

Since the original advance poster had no credit block, Busch had fun with the tag line at the bottom, "Coming soon from a cemetery near you."

Thanks for joining this intergalactic journey of the undead. ?See more incredible artists rendering Star Wars Zombies here. Have a wonderful Halloween and the Force will be with you... Always.

October 16th, 2009

The Zombie Wars epidemic continues with artist Matt Busch's recreation of the saga. Here, the story of a "zombified" Luke Skywalker develops, and romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia is more tender than ever.

Based on the original Gone With the Wind-inspired poster for The Empire Strikes Back (illustrated by Roger Kastel), Busch couldn't resist pushing the envelop with his parody. "The original poster for Empire is so emotional, I had to pull out all the stops and make this one the bloodiest mess of them all. There's even a pointless explosion of blood in space!"

Too much gore for Star Wars? "The original version of this was definitely too over-the-top, though in a humorous light. I purposely tried to push the limit, knowing I'd have to make some alterations. It went through several revisions before it was tame enough to be shown here, though I'm always more than happy to make changes. The fact that us artists have been given a chance to play with such a dark and twisted version of Star Wars at all is a riot."

Matt's vision of a dark and twisted tauntaun also had a last-minute change, though for the worse. "I was finishing up this painting in Nashville at a pop culture show called GMX," recalls Busch. "I was marveling at how funny I thought the tauntaun was now, with its little chicken-like claws that clearly have done some damage. As I finished the painting, my friend Kim Dunaway, who happened to be watching, asked, 'Wait a minute -- where are the tauntaun's cut-out intestines?' I knew I had to go back and add her brilliant idea, thus immortalizing her name in the credits as well."

To complete the feel of the original, designer Paul Michael Kane created the new logo in Adobe Illustrator and then skewed it in Photoshop to match the original logo angle.

Check out more at StarWars.com right here!Tomorrow concludes Busch's horrific spin on classic Star Wars posters with Episode VI: Return from the Grave!

October 16th, 2009

Matt Busch's re-imagined Star Wars zombie-fest continues with the fourth installment of Zombie Wars (and the first of the classic trilogy), A New Epidemic.

This series introduces new characters two decades after the prequels, including a newly-infected Han Solo, portrayed by fellow Star Wars artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III! However, you can still see the evolution of Darth Vader from the last poster, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi, who's now nothing more than a skeleton in a cloak.

Comments Busch, "In this alternate version of Episode IV, the first Death Star is still under construction, and features two beam dishes, creating the eerie, or perhaps humorous illusion of a skull."

Busch also admits there is a fine line between horror and humor. "Many horror filmmakers like Sam Raimi really push the exaggeration between the two. Here, I thought it would be creepy, and funny, to have R2-D2 so filled with blood that it's spilling over where his dome swivels. This cracks me up, as I don't know why blood would be inside an electronic droid in the first place!"

The unique poster, originally illustrated by Drew Struzan for the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars, also required some serious work from designer Paul Michael Kane. "This is my favorite poster of the bunch and the hardest to work on," says Kane. "The logo and type design had to be perfect because it's featured so prominently on the poster."

See more here. Next up, THE LIVING DEAD STRIKE BACK!

October 15th, 2009

Artist Matt Busch continues his Zombie Wars saga with Episode III: Revenge of the Zombies! Here, we see the decaying evolution of characters like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from the earlier posters that Busch created for Episodes I and II.

Amid the clashing of this epic disaster, one character hasn't changed at all. Matt comments, "Darth Sidious is already so evil and vile physically, he pretty much looks like a zombie. I thought it would be funny to just keep him the same when depicting Drew Stuzan's original rendering."

Matt has also worked in 'easter eggs' into his posters wherever possible. "If you look closely, you'll see all kinds of cute additions. For example, in one of the Jedi Starfighters, you'll see an Astromech Droid head missing, and replaced with a zombie head sticking out of the droid socket!"

Viewers may also notice some changes in the poster's credit block, which was recreated by Paul Michael Kane. Matt elaborates, "You may notice that some of my posters include the name Doug Drazin as a Skull Handler. When I was taking photo reference of plastic skulls, Doug helped me out by holding them at the correct angle while opening the jaw, suggesting a horrific zombie moan."

For more info and a look at other incredible zombie art from artists Nicole Falk, Cat Staggs, and Jeff Carlisle, click here. Stay tuned- tomorrow begins Busch's 'zombified' renditions of posters from the classic trilogy, starting with Zombie Wars - Episode IV: A New Epidemic!

October 14th, 2009

Matt Busch's alternate 'zombified' Star Wars saga continues on StarWars.com with Episode II: Attack of the Undead. Here, even Yoda has joined the Dark Side!

Viewers may note an evolution with the characters throughout Busch's series of zombie posters. For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who found his demise in Busch's first poster for The Zombie Menace, now is clearly infected and ready for revenge.

"I love how in the middle of all this horrible inter-galactic zombie massacre, Padme and Anakin still find a tender moment," says Busch,
"but my favorite part of this poster is Jango Fett. His body and clothes have decayed to nothing more than a mere skeleton, yet his armor is still perfectly intact. Oddly, it gives him almost a Popeye-like physique."

A keen eye may also notice some familiar faces from the real-world Star Wars community. "I wanted to do something special for the army of clones, so I sent requests to some of my fellow Star Wars artists to send me photo reference of them in zombie poses." From left to right, you can see artists Cynthia Narcisi (Cynthia's husband Ian can also be seen in the background), Brent Woodside, Kayla Woodside, Mark McHaley, and Denise Vasquez. On the right side of Jango, artist Randy Martinez hammed it up to portray a horrified Jedi.

See more here www.starwars.com/vault/books/news20091012.html?
and tune in tomorrow to see Matt's Zombie Wars series continue
with Episode III: Revenge of the Zombies!

October 13th, 2009

To commemorate the release of the world's first STAR WARS horror novel, DEATH TROOPERS, StarWars.com is running a special Zombie Week! When asked to contribute a zombie-inspired poster, artist Matt Busch not only jumped at the chance, he decided to do six of them, one for each movie in the saga.

"'Every Zombie has a Beginning,' and it all begins here," says Busch, "though these posters tell an alternate vision of the saga. One that's more... Infectious. In this version of Episode I: The Zombie Menace, even Jar Jar is deadly and provides no comic relief."

In addition to having fun shredding these classic characters into zombies, the project has also been a rewarding and educational experience for Busch. "I've always been a huge admirer of the original poster artist, Drew Struzan. Doing this parody really let me study the master with fine detail. I've learned a lot and and now have even more respect for Drew's work."

For the logo and typography, Busch turned to his long time professional partner Paul Michael Kane, who recreated the Episode I logo in Adobe Illustrator. Comments Kane, "Nailing this one down was crucial, as the rest the prequel posters used the same title and credit fonts."

Head on over here to see more, plus other fantastic art from Spencer Brinkerhoff III and Katie Cook! Stay tuned through the week to see a new zombie poster each day from Matt! Tune in tomorrow to see the continuation of the Zombie Wars saga with his rendition of Episode II: Attack of the Undead!

August 26th, 2008

Super department store chain KOHL's now has an exclusive Boba Fett T-Shirt illustrated by Matt Busch.  "Boba Fett has always been a favorite STAR WARS character of mine," says Busch, "I just love drawing all the clunky armor and compact weapons."

Fans may recall the Fett image that appears on the STAR WARS novel Tales from the Empire.  "That cover is painted in full color acrylics, so it's neat to see this shirt be a complete departure from that- a straight-up sketchy pencil technique."

The shirt retails at $18.00, but is currently on sale for just $8.99!  You can see the shirt at Kohls.com HERE.  While the shirt is already sold out Online, you can find the shirt on sale at a KOHL'S department store near you.

August 2nd, 2008

Matt Busch has hand painted one of Hasbro's Mighty Mugg figurines as  part of a charity for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The character of his choice? 

Boba Fett!

You can find out about how and why Matt created this character at his LiveJournal HERE.

The charity, which is now live Online is called The Empire Muggs Back, and you can bid on all the artist's exclusive figures HERE!

May 21th, 2009

This weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida is the opening of STAR WARS WEEKENDS! Matt Busch will be a guest signing autographs along with actors Ray Park, Warwick Davis, and James Arnold Taylor.

Plenty of copies of the book You Can Draw STAR WARS will be on hand in the Star Tours Store (Wicket's Warehouse), and Busch will be signing on Saturday, May 23rd from 11am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm.

Busch will also be filming this weekend for an upcoming episode of You Can Draw STAR WARS, so bring your costumes, spirits, and be ready for anything!

May 13th, 2009

STAR WARS artist Matt Busch, Actress Carrie Fisher, Lucasfilm, Motor City Conventions and Paul Michael Kane have all teamed up to offer this beautiful lithograph depicting Princess Leia as Jabba the Hutt's slave. All proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit actress Carrie Fisher's endorsed charity, the Pajama Program.

Lucasfilm has graciously authorized this lithograph painted by Matt Busch. Limited to just 200 editions, the art measures 13" X 19" and is printed on thick, high quality 100 lb. stock. Each print is signed and numbered by Busch.

This print is created exclusively for the Motor City Comic Con, running May 15th - 17th at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Actress Carrie Fisher will also be in attendance at the event, in case you want to score her signature on the piece, as well.

However, while the posters won't be physically available until that weekend, you can pre-order your print right now, and have it mailed safely to your home! The price of this print is $25, but don't forget that these are extremely rare, and you'll be contributing to a wonderful cause. You can lock one in with PayPal before they're sold out by ordering right here.

You can also find out more about the Motor City Comic Con here.

You can find out more about the Pajama Program here.

April 14th, 2009

In an effort to help the Australian Red Cross aid the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, Lucasfilm is auctioning off an extremely limited print illustrated by Matt Busch. The print being auctioned is titled "Evolution of the Empire" and was previously sold exclusively in London at Celebration Europe in 2007.

The art features all of the clone troopers and stormtroopers from all six movies of the STAR WARS saga. These are over-sized lithographs, not to be confused with the smaller 24" posters that were also produced. They originally sold for approx. $300 U.S. dollars then, and of course it's virtually impossible to get one of these now. As it is, there are only 66 of these numberes and embossed prints in existence!

Lucasfilm is graciously offering this from their collection for a great cause. You can bid on the print via Ebay right HERE! Hurry before it's too late!

April 9th, 2009

The latest STAR WARS Trading Card series from Topps is GALAXY Series 4, which features a collection of artistic visions from the Galaxy Far, Far Away... The set features incredible talents like J. Scott Campbell, Russell Walks, Randy Martinez, and yes, Matt Busch!

For Busch's card, he chose to illustrate his favorite toy growing up: The Imperial Troop Transporter. Say Busch, "It was such a killer toy. And it was neat because it was the first Star Wars toy of something that wasn't in the movie. It even came with these strange black brainwashing devices that you would place on figures faces. Creepier was the photo of the toy on the packaging which featured a throng of troopers surrounding Princess Leia as she's being forced to wear it."

You can see this vision come to life in this incredible set with fascinating imagery from an incredible collection of artists. STAR WARS GALAXY Series 4 cards are available wherever trading cards are sold.

March 16th, 2008

StarWars.com has recently released the third and final installment of Matt Busch's How to Draw Anime / Manga STAR WARS series. This article features a tutorial on how to draw Padme Amidala in the 3/4 view. You can check it out HERE!

You can also check out the first two Anime / Manga tutorials at StarWars.com HERE and HERE.

Lastly, stay tuned for Season 3 of How To Draw STAR WARS videos- the first of which will feature how to draw Anime / Manga, with footage of Matt live in Japan! Details soon...

February 13th, 2008

STAR WARS Artist Matt Busch continues his series- this time exploring the preproduction world of storyboarding. As Busch dons the fedora for another chapter of the ongoing Indiana Jones parody, you'll see how storyboarding and previsualization can help build the framework for movies, television, video games, music videos, and more. 

This is the last episode of Season 2, but fear not- Season 3 is on it's way and in the planning stages right now!  Stay tuned...

December 16th, 2008

Hasbro, the official licensee for STAR WARS toys, has released a new "Droid Factory" collection of action figures, where collecting six figures gives you six extra pieces to create an all-new "Build-a-Droid" figure. The new series lets you build MB-RA-7, a figure somewhat created by and named after artist Matt Busch.

After the first STAR WARS film was released in 1977, Kenner (a subsidiary of Hasbro) released "Death Star Droid", a chrome protocol-type droid which was later named as an RA-7 droid. Comments Busch,
"The Death Star Droid as seen in the movie is actually black, though a memorable chrome RA-7 droid communicates with R2-D2 in the Jawa Sandcrawler."

Fast forward to 1998, almost a decade before the book You Can Draw STAR WARS was released, Busch was the regular writer and artist if the "How to Draw STAR WARS" articles for STAR WARS KIDS Magazine. "To help make these tutorials fun for kids, I wrote and illustrated them as if a droid was teaching you. I always loved the look of the RA-7 droid, and so, to give this fictional teacher an identity, I simply tagged on my initials, making him MB-RA-7."

Over the course of two years, every issue of STAR WARS KIDS featured a drawing tutorial, lead by MB-RA-7. Now you can build your own MB-RA-7, by collecting the new wave of "Build-a-Droid" STAR WARS figures, which includes General Grievous, Bail Organa, and FX-6! Hasbro STAR WARS figures can be found in any store that sells toys.

November 7th, 2008

STAR WARS artist Matt Busch has become the world's first Honorary Member of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers to get his armor! The 501st is a worldwide community of fans that costume as collectors, fundraisers, volunteers, and doing charity work.

Busch was inducted as an Honorary Member of the 501st in 2006 by Jay Shimko of the Great Lakes Garrison. Other Honorary Members include many notable STAR WARS actors, artists and writers behind-the-scenes, as well as celebrities like Kristen Bell, Seth Green, Kevin Smith, "Weird Al", Yankovic, the band No Doubt, and George Lucas himself.

While Busch is the first to have completed TK trooper armor and be registered, several other honorary members are on their way. Col. Anthony Toledo, the master drill instructor for the 2007 Rose Parade, has an Imperial officer costume, but no armor yet. Author Karen Traviss is working on Clonetrooper Armor. Actor Jeremy Bullock was given a full set of Boba Fett armor, but he hasn't joined the Legion yet. Author Timothy Zahn is also doing an Imperial Officer, too.

Busch's ID in the 501st is TK-3477. He received an incredible amount of help from Terrell Reber, TK-1787 of the Great Lakes Garrison. The armor was made of vacuum formed plastic, then trimmed, assembled with E-6000 glue, velcroed and riveted, sanded, painted with high performance enamel gloss white, detailed, and strapped together with velcro, elastic, and nylon straps. Other folks that helped out were Tony Krewson (TK-4063) for the blaster, Wyatt Stevens (TK-4205) for the undersuit top with neckseal, Brooke Merva (TD-1148) for the belt, and Steve Brejnak (TD-465) for strapping up the armor.

You can find out more about the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers at www.501st.com.

October 31st, 2008

Last weekend Matt Busch was a guest at the STAR WARS FAN DAYS 2 event in Plano, Texas. The show was incredibly well-received by both fans and guests, and the excitement was captured in audio with TheForce.Net's FORCE-CAST!

In addition to to the guest actors and artists (and Elvis Trooper!) Matt Busch is interviewed about his latest involvement with all things STAR WARS and otherwise. You can listen to it right now by clicking HERE. (Note that Matt Busch's segment begins with -14:29 left of the show.)

September 19th, 2008

Based on the highly anticipated CLONE WARS show coming to Cartoon Network, Matt Busch has illustrated a beautiful montage capturing the turmoil and excitement! The weekly show begins in October stomps right on the heels of the theatrical release last August.

How can you nab one of these posters? For FREE?

Busch will be attending the STAR WARS FAN DAYS II show in Plano, Texas, October 25th and 26th. Be one of the first 500 through the door and you'll get one of these puppies free! In addition, Busch will be doing exclusive show sketch cards. Mind you, 30 second sketches, but those will be free as well. Busch will also have books, posters, DVDs and even original art on display and for purchase. Don't miss this show! More info HERE!


August 13th, 2008

The exclusive Celebration Japan print, illustrated by Matt Busch is now available for a limited time at StarWarsShop.com! The print run is limited to 250, and each piece is signed and numbered by Busch. The poster-size print measures a whopping 24" X 36" and has a deluxe aqueous coating. You can check it out right HERE!

Titled "Land of the Rising Suns", the foundation of this piece began years ago as a wrap-around cover of Autograph Times Magazine. At the time, the image featured a self portrait of artist Busch engulfed in a sea of characters from the original trilogy and Episode I. The image quickly became a favorite among fans, requesting that it become a print in the future. That day has come, and Busch has updated the image to reflect characters and vehicles from each of the movies, with a twist of Japanese pop culture design.

As to what the Japanese characters represent? "For the fans that can't read Japanese, I don't wan't to spoil it. I think half the fun is the mystery and the adventure of figuring it out. For part of it, I will say this, though: Konnichiwa, Boku wa Matt Busch desu. Anata Wa Star Wars o kakeru!" This rare poster won't last so grab yours while you can! Click HERE!

August 11th, 2008

MATT BUSCH is back- this time offering even more great tips on how to draw COMIC BOOKS! This episode focuses on how to tell your visual story through dynamic page layouts. Check it out below!

You can also see this episode in higher 640 X 480 res at StarWars.com by clicking HERE!

How To Draw STAR WARS! Episode 13 of 21: Comic Books!

July 16th, 2008

Matt Busch is currently on in Tokyo promoting the 30th Anniversary of STAR WARS in Japan! This weekend/next week is the STAR WARS Celebration Japan show at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Taking advantage of the trip, Busch will also be filming scenes for several new videos, as well as actually getting some vacation time- something unheard of for Busch.

In addition to an exclusive set of one-of-a-kind sketch cards, Busch will be toting a brand new STAR WARS poster, Japanese-style! Titled "Land of the Rising Suns", the foundation of this piece began years ago as a wrap-around cover of Autograph Times Magazine. At the time, the image featured a self portrait of artist Matt Busch engulfed in a sea of characters from the original trilogy and Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The image quickly became a favorite among fans, requesting that it become a print in the future. That day has come, and Busch has updated the image to reflect characters and vehicles from each of the movies, with a twist of Japanese pop culture design.

As to what the Japanese characters represent? "For the fans that can't read Japanese, I don't wan't to spoil it. I think half the fun is the mystery and the adventure of figuring it out. For part of it, I will say this, though: Konnichiwa, Boku wa Matt Busch desu. Anata Wa Star Wars o kakeru!"

A week from now Busch will head straight for San Diego for the Comic-Con International show, which Busch is a featured Special Guest. Stay tuned for a complete schedule of all the things he'll have planned for that!

July 7th, 2008

As a follow-up to the original series of tutorial videos that found limited release on DVD in 2007, Lucasfilm Ltd. has authorized a new DVD from DK Publishing and Planetmatt Entertainment: YOU CAN DRAW STAR WARS- VOLUME TWO. Hosted by notorious artist Matt Busch, the DVD will collect all seven Episodes from Season 2 released this year.

The first series chronicled the entire creation of a 30th Anniversary poster, whereas Season 2 includes the creation of the REVENGE OF THE SITH Style D One Sheet, but also spreads focus to areas such as drawing on the road, storyboarding for film and animation, and comic books. Each chapter includes comical skits to spice up the pace, including a few where Busch parodies Indiana Jones- another Lucasfilm staple.

The tutorials began as a side promotion for the book of the same name from DK Publishing, to which Busch produced nearly 400 illustrations. Before released on DVD, all videos can first be seen on StarWars.com and KidDK.com. The videos later hit other avenues online, and have had more than one million plays on MySpaceTV alone. "It's awesome that these are available on DVD," comments Busch, "for the dedicated aspiring artist, to be able to experience the details at four times the resolution is wonderful."

Busch himself will be attending the upcoming STAR WARS Celebration Japan next week in Tokyo with a brand new limited edition poster. The following week, Busch will be a featured Special Guest at Comic-Con International in San Diego, the largest pop-culture show on the planet.

The Volume Two DVD will debut at Comic-Con as well. To find out how to get your hands on a copy for FREE, check out Busch's Spotlight panel on Saturday, July 26th from 11:30 - 12:30pm in Room 30CDE. Another good idea would be to stop by the DK booth and find out when Busch and author Bonnie Burton and fellow artist Tom Hodges will be signing books. To find out the latest info on how to nab a DVD, stay locked in to www.MattBusch.com for updates.

June 10th, 2008

Recently released this past weekend on MySpaceTV, Matt Busch's latest How To Draw video topped the MySpace Video Charts, coming in at Number One for categories of Instructional and Animation/CGI, and Number Two for Entertainment. To date, Busch's videos have gathered more than a million plays on MySpace alone.

Here Busch returns with a plethora of tips- this time delving into COMIC BOOKS! The latest episode focuses on how to illustrate your visual storytelling in your panels through shots and angles.

Continuing the INDIANA JONES parody from where Episode 10 left off, Busch evades more Stormtroopers and finally makes his way to the Temple of Vader, but will he successfully nab the golden idol? You'll have to watch to see!

In addition to the MySpace Video below, you can also see this episode in higher 640 X 480 res at StarWars.com by clicking HERE. As well, you can download all of the How To Draw STAR WARS episodes as Quicktime files at the DK site HERE.

How To Draw STAR WARS! Episode 12 of 21: Comic Books!

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