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  • Who called who? Ran into Professor Frank Lombardo at thehellip
    2 days ago by matt_busch_instagram Who called who? Ran into Professor Frank Lombardo at the college just now- both rocking our ALADDIN 3477 logo shirts today! Did you get the memo? Are you wearing yours? ;)
  • This is a moodier look at Shen in ALADDIN 3477hellip
    2 days ago by matt_busch_instagram This is a moodier look at Shen in ALADDIN 3477, played by James Polony. Isn't he dashing?
  • Heres a glimpse of what happens outside of a fighthellip
    3 days ago by matt_busch_instagram Here's a glimpse of what happens *outside* of a fight scene. This is Cam Turner bracing a wall, so when Brandon Slicker gets thrown onto the other side of it, he doesn't take the whole set down with him.  #aladdin3477   #indiefilmmaking   #fightscene   #handicam 
  • Locked and loaded aladdin3477 indiefilmmaking locationshoot
    7 days ago by matt_busch_instagram Locked and loaded.  #aladdin3477   #indiefilmmaking   #locationshoot 
  • One of my Mandarin Spawn action figures on the Khonghellip
    1 week ago by matt_busch_instagram One of my Mandarin Spawn action figures on the Khong Chiam set of ALADDIN 3477. These figures are amazing I and have all of the variants except the black- too expensive. What's your favorite Spawn / Todd McFarlane figure?  #mandarinspawn   #spawnfigures   #toddmcfarlanetoys   #aladdin3477   #khongchiam 
  • A painting of Oomi one of the mysterious characters inhellip
    2 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram A painting of Oomi, one of the mysterious characters in ALADDIN 3477 played by my beautiful wife, Lin Zy! I can't even begin to tell you how much Lin Zy continues to this mega project. She's the producer, and that alone is a full time job. Because we are truly an indie film and we are doing this all ourselves, there are about twenty other jobs she takes charge of, including martial arts choreography, set dresser, script doctor, costume design, prop fabrication, food prep, hair and makeup, and on top of all that, she has to act! And she is…

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Who called who? Ran into Professor Frank Lombardo at the college just now- both rocking our… instagram.com/p/BZRZ…

About 2 days ago from Matt Busch's Twitter via Instagram

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Matt, you’re a genius.
J.J. AbramsDirectorSTAR WARS: The Force Awakens
“Busch soars higher and higher, refusing to be unseen by the industry.”
AXIS Magaine
“Matt’s work is truly beautiful.”
“Matt’s illustrations are killer.  No, really.”
WIRED Magazine
“Busch flawlessly lays out a story ripe with suspense, action, tragedy, and superb pacing.”
“Love Busch. Few people say that. I do.”
Gene SimmonsKISS
“From the opening scene to the unexpected revelation at the story’s end, Busch doesn’t skimp on the twists and surprises that keep this story fresh with every development.”
“If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to miss a single thing this guy does.”
Rikki RockettPOISON


FiXT Recording artist Celldweller has just been announced as the featured recording artist for Aladdin 3477. Re>Gen Magazine was the first to break the news.  You can read the original article on Re>Gen HERE.

Here is the official Press Release:


MACOMB TOWNSHIP, MI– Kaleidoscope Koi Entertainment has just announced Celldweller, the internationally renowned artist/producer Klayton, as the featured music artist for the upcoming Aladdin 3477 movie. The live-action feature film is based on the classic Arabian Nights tale, set 1,500 years in the future and is written and directed by notorious artist Matt Busch. Unlike Disney’s recently announced Aladdin live-action musical directed by Guy Ritchie, this epic sci-fi adventure is said to look like Star Wars and set throughout Asia.

Celldweller (as well as Scandroid and Circle of Dust) is one of three highly regarded music outfits by multi-instrumentalist Klayton. His music can be heard in feature films and movie trailers such as Deadpool, John Wick and the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight and video games such as Killer Instinct and Dead Rising. No stranger to sci-fi, Klayton also runs Outland, a futuristic clothing line, and has even produced a cyberpunk novel titled Blackstar. Five Celldweller tracks, including “First Person Shooter”, “Empyrean” and “Frozen (Celldweller vs. Blue Stahli)” have been licensed by Kaleidoscope Koi for use in Aladdin 3477.

In addition to the tracks, Director Matt Busch is utilizing several products from Klayton’s Refractor Audio company to create music cues for the film. The sample-based instrument Transport and Producer Pack Sonix allow Busch to create new music with Klayton’s signature sound. Busch comments, “While Klayton may not be creating the score for this film, this is easily the next best thing.”

This isn’t the first time Busch and Klayton have collaborated. In 2015, Busch illustrated the comic book cover of “The Traveller,” based on the critically acclaimed Celldweller album “End of an Empire.”  A year prior, Klayton produced a three-part video tour of Busch’s home studios as part of his online Cellevision series on YouTube. More recently, Klayton has just released a new music video under the Scandroid moniker for “Eden” which was filmed on one of the futuristic Hong Kong sets for Aladdin 3477.

Blue Stahli, a music artist on Klayton’s FiXT music label has already filmed a cameo for Aladdin 3477, and it’s expected that Klayton will make an appearance as well. Busch teases, “It’s not a big part, but the scene we have planned for Klayton is awesome. Celldweller fans will love this movie. It’s a pulse-pounding adventure, and his cutting-edge Celldweller sound is all over it.” Aladdin 3477 stars Erik Steele and Christi Perovski, is produced by Lin Zy and will wrap filming in early 2018.

Find out more about Klayton and his music projects at: Klayton.info

See the Scandroid “Eden” music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmot2uUKtz8

See Aladdin 3477 cast and crew at the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cawb8Z2vWZ0

See Klayton tour Matt Busch’s studio on Cellevision here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdo-4HXznNw

Interviews with Klayton and Matt Busch are available upon request.

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