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Check out the upcoming live action sci-fi movie, written and directed by Matt Busch!

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  • Today I ran into STAR WARS Artist Extraordinaire christrevas athellip
    2 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram Today I ran into STAR WARS Artist Extraordinaire  @chris_trevas  at (if you can believe this) a Garage Sale! Truth be told, the Michigan Motion Picture Studio where they filmed Real Steel, Oz, Batman V Superman, and the Transformers movies was having a sale on tons of used props. Alas, nothing crazy interesting so we both walked out empty handed. But always great to see Chris and talk shop!
  • Fly casual solo hansolo manga anime starwarsart flycasual
    2 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram Fly casual.  #solo   #hansolo   #manga   #anime   #starwarsart   #flycasual 
  • Just when I thought my wife couldnt possibly get anyhellip
    2 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram Just when I thought my wife couldn't possibly get any cooler.  #aladdin3477   #R3D5T4R   #Slagwarrior   #kaleidoscopekoi 
  • This made my week! I just got a plug fromhellip
    3 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram This made my week! I just got a plug from Brian Herring- he's a master puppeteer, and also the gent who brings BB-8 to life! Just the nicest, most down-to-earth guy in the business- kinda like BB-8, actually! Go follow on Twitter and Instagram:  @brian_hezza 
  • I finally had an opportunity to illustrate BLADE RUNNER withhellip
    3 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram I finally had an opportunity to illustrate BLADE RUNNER with this cover for the book THE CYBERPUNK NEXUS! For mor information on the book coming out soon, check the link at my Website, MattBusch.com .
  • Allegedly the fireworks are even more amazing with 3D glasseshellip
    3 weeks ago by matt_busch_instagram Allegedly, the fireworks are even more amazing with 3-D glasses on... So my Mom went on Amazon and got a 50-pack for everyone. Oh- and Happy Birthday, Cam!

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“From the opening scene to the unexpected revelation at the story’s end, Busch doesn’t skimp on the twists and surprises that keep this story fresh with every development.”
“Matt’s illustrations are killer.  No, really.”
WIRED Magazine
Matt, you’re a genius.
J.J. AbramsDirectorSTAR WARS: The Force Awakens
“Busch flawlessly lays out a story ripe with suspense, action, tragedy, and superb pacing.”
“Busch soars higher and higher, refusing to be unseen by the industry.”
AXIS Magaine
“If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to miss a single thing this guy does.”
Rikki RockettPOISON
“Matt’s work is truly beautiful.”
“Love Busch. Few people say that. I do.”
Gene SimmonsKISS


As Director Matt Busch begins production on Aladdin 3477 in India and throughout Asia this month, early buzz has been generating Online like wildfire!  So far, everyone is reacting to the concept and vision very positively.

Here is a taste of some of the notable sites that are expressing interest…

IMDb The Internet Movie Database gives the early details in an article on Aladdin 3477!  http://www.imdb.com/news/ni42159476/

FILM SKETCHR shares concept art and the first Video Production Diary for this “Star Wars Style Aladdin!”  http://filmsketchr.blogspot.com/2012/12/star-wars-style-aladdin-3477-film-by.html#.UMgac2B6M9A

SECRET REBEL BASE has an exclusive interview with Artist/Director Matt Busch about all things Star Wars and Aladdin 3477!  http://www.secretrebelbase.com/2012/10/interview-with-star-wars-artist-matt-busch-plus-amazing-competition/

MOVIEWEB has embedded their own copy of the first Video Production Diary and shares some juicy concept art.  http://www.movieweb.com/news/aladdin-3477-production-video-blog-and-concept-art  They also have a movie page for it here: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/aladdin-3477

FAN POP! shares the first Press Release announcing Aladdin 3477!  http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/aladdin/articles/186422/title/live-action-science-fiction-aladdin-movie-development

ALADDIN CENTRAL, a fan site / message board for Disney’s Aladdin, shares the first Press Release on Aladdin 3477, which was announced on Matt Busch’s 40th birthday. http://www.aladdincentral.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4763&sid=177e1c5ebdb0614a801ffe20b6696a78

THE MOVIE BLOG is intrigued by a futuristic live action Aladdin movie.  http://themovieblog.com/2012/futuristic-live-action-aladdin-movie/

CINEMA IDEA shows Matt Busch’s cinematic idea to develop the Aladdin tale into a live-action sci-fi epic movie… http://cinemaidea.com/?p=2598

FIRST POST shares the Aladdin 3477 Video Production Diary 1: “One Foot Forward”  http://www.firstpost.com/topic/product/star-wars-aladdin-3477-production-diary-1-one-foot-forward-video-EmIUzEO-vaQ-53577-1.html

That’s a quick sampling, but everyone here is happy to get the word out, and we hope you are, too!  If you know anyone in the media, please share Aladdin 3477!  And if you are in the media, please contact us (the CONTACT link in the above menu) and we can set you up with exclusive promotion images and interviews!

More soon!

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